Some Art

Hi everyone,
Today I wanna intruduce you to a slightly hidden part of me, my creative side, wich usually comes out trhough my artwork, therefor i'm here presenting to you a few of my drawings, I hope yall like them.

On another note, I would like to apologise for how distant I have been from the blog lately, to be honest the motivation and inspiration just weren't there, however I'm planning on compensating you soon.
If you have any topic that you would like to read about, let me know.
I hope you are all doing well,
Oh my, oh my, we shall be alright.

Musical Crush Sunday - Daniel Ceaser

Hi everyone,
coming back today with another musical crush. This one has literally crushed me, in a very good way of course.
Presenting to you Daniel Ceaser, where should I beggin?
Well, this singer has stolen my art with the "I'm reaching nirvana" line, I mean I couldnt be gladder to find the single "Japanese Denim", a perfect description of that moment when your simply guessing whether or not your especial one likes you the same way you like them.
If it is awesome and accurate love songs that you're looking for, then, check out "Get You" featurig Kali Uchis, needless to say what this song is about, right?!
Other singles worth mentioning are "Violet" and "Pseudo", the last one escapes the love theme, speaking about the pleasure that comes with living with a psedonimo, essencialy experienting the luxury and fame but never quite living the real deal. If you're in interested in more of his work I recomend the " Pilgrim's Paradise" album, wich is available on spotify, its a mix of R&B and soul, it will make you feel what you're listening to, if that makes any sense at all.
Any ways, let me know if you find yourself dancing carelessly in your room like I did.
Do you have any recomendations?
Oh my, oh my.. We shall be alright..

4 Tips to Have Your Nicest Mornings

Hi everyone,
It is no secrect that the way your morning goes sets the mood the the entire day, for that reason, I have colected and organized a few things that could really help you have your nicest mornings from now on.

  1. Wake up early, try to always get out off bed at least 2 hours prior from getting out of the house, this way you'll have more time to do all you need to do to start the day, for exemple have breakfast, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, fed the cat, etc
  2. Have a nice breakfast! It doesn't need to be very elaborated, you may want to stick to a warm and comforting thing like coffee or tea. oats, toasts there are plenty things to choose from
  3. Workout or complete a task you know you might not want to do later in day like in my case studying 
  4. Shower in COLD water, yes, i know but this will really help wake you up and energise you; do your skin care, maybe put on some makeup, get dressed on something you feel good and confortable in.
These are just a few things I have found that help me have my best mornings, hopefully they can help you as well.
Oh my, oh my.. We shall be alright..

1st. Exhibition

Hi everyone,
So today, with the purpose of ( kinda) fulfilling one of my montly goals, the one that calls for not being as shy as I am, I decided to publish a cover video that I have recorded not so long ago. It is a cover of the song figures by jessi reyez, unfortunately the song is not complete because my camera decided to shut down in the middle of the recording process, it will probably be updated with a complete one.
I hope you like it.

Oh my, oh my .. We shall be alright

5 Feel Good Things

A mostrar 20161007_073218.jpg

 The weather has been rather melancholic latelly, and I have found myself felling a litlle blue more often than not, so to lift myself up and hopefully you too, I've come up with a handfull off things that never fail to make me feel good.
  1. Organization: there's nothing like having the space around me, as well as my head organized, when, outside everything is a mess.
  2. Exercise: to be honest when my head is crowded with negative thoughs and i'm surrounded with bad energy where I'm at the moment, all i genuinely want to do is run, go for a jog more precisely, its the best way i've found so far to clear up and calm down, working out as most people probably know by now is a accurate way to boost your mood;
  3. Entertainment: sometimes you can't simply wipe away the grey, so to keep your mind busy with something else  you may love to lay back on entertainment, a good movie, book and music can really completly transform your mood
  4. Tasty Food: treat your stomach, treat yourself!! dont know about you but I get super moody when hungry, so I like to take my time and be kind to my insides, hot chocolate is everybodys stable, spice it up with some black pepper or cinnamon if your not into hot hotness; try to listen to your body, people usualy crave diferrent things when there feeling down and stay as healthy as possible
  5. Self Care: put on a face and hair mask, run a warm bath, paint your nails, do what you need to do to take care of your phisical body, it could be as simple as applying body butter.

Aslo!!! think it's important to say that feeling this way during this time of the year is completly normal, science! trust me!
Have you been dealing with these blues if so, how? Do you have any tips to share?
Also what's your favourite pick me up snack?