3 Magic Things About Photography

Photography has been a real passion of mine since forever. I cant quite remember why I started but, anyhow here are some of the reasons why I still am and you can too be into it :

  1. Lets start off with a cliche: it's for the memories, for that moment of joy when passing the framed ones, or when you go through them in a family reunion, or even just finding them without looking for. Eitherway images have a peculiar way to make you remember momentes and emotions; to have you laughing or crying feeling excited, melancholic or simply regret not caring for your eyebrows back then. In my eyes pictures are some kind of time machine.                    
  2. Second  is to register:  the reason why I'm not ashamed of taking around two hundred pictures of myself a day, or millions of photos of the sky every week , honestly, I dont believe my hair will ever look as good again or that clouds will ever appear as fluffy any other time, so excuse my need to document these and the other things that bring me joy ( aka food, cats, and plants).                                                                                                                                                       
  3. The obvious one: to share. Can't think of anything that would make photography more rewarding, whether I'm sharing or somebody is sharing with me, it's the cherry on top of the cake.

Also! let me now what you think about the art of taking prictures.

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