Simple Room Decor

The decoration of your personal room can make or break your mood. For that reason there are a few things you should try to keep in mind like: the colour of the walls, furniture, as well as everything else that you might want in your room.
Fun fact: these few things i'm about to share with you always seem to work wonders on my disposition, not so fun fact: I picked these tips up mostly from my family .

  1. Furniture: I usualy try to contrast the color of  the furniture with the walls and the floor to create a *pop out* sensation, or try to match the furniture with the floor for a cozier and more rustic feel (this one is great for bigger spaces), or match the furniture with the walls to create a amplified space, you can even contrast the furniture within itself (e.g. wood bed with metalic white shelf);
  2. Cortains: I could make a whole post about how great cortains are to complete an ambiance, but then I would not have the words to explain it all, for now i'll just say they are your best friends in the decor departement, my favorite? slightly transparent white cortains paired with colored ones;
  3. Mirrors: besides comming in handy when you need to check yourself out, mirrors are adequate in every shape and size, with a simple or garnished frame, heck even frameless, you can use them to elongate a small room and decorate walls;
  4. Visual Art: I'm talking about art work and pictures, perfect to spice up your walls, it could be as simple as a piece of paper and some duck tape. this one is probably my favourite because it gives some actual worth to my art instead of keeping it hiden somewhere else;
  5. Plants: yes real living plants, unless you thinks you can't take good care of them ( try cactus and suculents) there is no excuse for not having at least a vase with a flower in your room, maybe it's just my nature ( see what i did there ;p) but I find it extremily unconfortable when people dont have plants in their rooms, I  swear i'll buy you flowers if you dont have any plants;                                                                                                                                                                                       
  6. Bedding Clothes: this may be a obvious one for some people but I included this anyways because it is very importante, try including your favourite colour here and macth with plenty of pillows;
  7. Footwear: said what??! uh hum!!!! it's amazing what a row of your favourite and aesthetic pleasing shoes can do for your room, just trust me on this one.
On that note I'll end the post.
Let me know what are your favourite ways to decor your room and if you already knew about any off these,
Also let me know what you would like to read about next.

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