Musical Crush Sunday - Aminé

Today's crush is Aminé.
This artist caught my attention with the single Caroline, can is say summer jam? beause everything about this song screams summer from the discourse in the beggining to the beat, not forgeting the video, i mean bananas for decoration and Tarantino inspiration c'mon.
I was feeling the  attitude and charater portrayed in the video so I proceded to listen to more songs and then the whole mixtape, isn't this how all music crushes start?
I confess I might be slightly late for the party , but i'm here now okay.


The entire Calling Brio mixtape blew my mind, it´s been a minute since i've heard rap this good along with great vocals and instrumental, the beat just flows from song to song, and subjet vary from love to personal struggles, the influence from outkast is clear on this one.
An artist to keep your eyes on, I swear blink once and you'll see him grow and take over the industry.

On a side note:
As you can tell by the title, I will be writting more often about music, it's a subject I am really interested in and think other people would like to read about as well. Not sure yet if I'll keep this a sunday thing or how often I'll do it. Let me know what your opinions are.
Also! let me know what you would like to read about next.

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