4 Tips to Have Your Nicest Mornings

Hi everyone,
It is no secrect that the way your morning goes sets the mood the the entire day, for that reason, I have colected and organized a few things that could really help you have your nicest mornings from now on.

  1. Wake up early, try to always get out off bed at least 2 hours prior from getting out of the house, this way you'll have more time to do all you need to do to start the day, for exemple have breakfast, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, fed the cat, etc
  2. Have a nice breakfast! It doesn't need to be very elaborated, you may want to stick to a warm and comforting thing like coffee or tea. oats, toasts there are plenty things to choose from
  3. Workout or complete a task you know you might not want to do later in day like in my case studying 
  4. Shower in COLD water, yes, i know but this will really help wake you up and energise you; do your skin care, maybe put on some makeup, get dressed on something you feel good and confortable in.
These are just a few things I have found that help me have my best mornings, hopefully they can help you as well.
Oh my, oh my.. We shall be alright..

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  1. I love mornings and doing all things like this, but cold shower haha not sure about that in cold England! Maybe i should try.