Musical Crush Sunday - Daniel Ceaser

Hi everyone,
coming back today with another musical crush. This one has literally crushed me, in a very good way of course.
Presenting to you Daniel Ceaser, where should I beggin?
Well, this singer has stolen my art with the "I'm reaching nirvana" line, I mean I couldnt be gladder to find the single "Japanese Denim", a perfect description of that moment when your simply guessing whether or not your especial one likes you the same way you like them.
If it is awesome and accurate love songs that you're looking for, then, check out "Get You" featurig Kali Uchis, needless to say what this song is about, right?!
Other singles worth mentioning are "Violet" and "Pseudo", the last one escapes the love theme, speaking about the pleasure that comes with living with a psedonimo, essencialy experienting the luxury and fame but never quite living the real deal. If you're in interested in more of his work I recomend the " Pilgrim's Paradise" album, wich is available on spotify, its a mix of R&B and soul, it will make you feel what you're listening to, if that makes any sense at all.
Any ways, let me know if you find yourself dancing carelessly in your room like I did.
Do you have any recomendations?
Oh my, oh my.. We shall be alright..